Galician beef of the highest quality,
honouring the animal that is sacrificed.

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José Portas and Carlos Ronda

Discarlux was founded in 2005 by José Portas and Carlos Ronda, as a wholesaler specialising in high-quality red meat. Located in Madrid. They provide a national and international service to restaurants and steakhouses as well as to hotels, specialised shops, supermarkets and butchers. José and Carlos are true lovers of their trade and forerunners of high-end meat, as well as the cuts and maturations that have marked the trend in recent years.

About Discarlux Belgium

Over time, Discarlux has become one of the leading meat companies in Spanish cuisine and a supplier to the best-known restaurants in the market and some of the most prestigious in the world. In 2021, the Discarlux Belgium branch was founded under the leadership of Olivier Monteyne & Stefanie Bradt. This with the aim of meeting the needs for matured meat in Belgium. The slogan “from butchers for butchers” was born.


Dry aging as a service

We are convinced that the deliberate
and sustainable choice for elderly cattle
makes a maturation necessary. We take on
this task completely. Dry-Aging as a service.


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Passion and trust

The knowledge and experience of our team is unique in Spain. Along with the trust that abattoirs and producers place in us, allowing us to produce unique pieces that no one else has access to.


Optimal handling of the pieces

We manage the pieces from the origin, with knowledge of the breeds and producers. And we take a step further by selecting how we want each piece according to the taste of our customers.


Flexibility and speed

Adapting to the changes in the market, to the tastes, trends or needs of each customer.


Research, development and innovation

Constant development of specific programs to protect rural breeds and promote the care and improvement of the animals.



Traceability, quality control
and confidence in the best processes.


Transport and security

Efficient and effective
with safety and temperature controls.

Delivered directly from Spain

Without intermediaries.
At Discarlux Belgium you can be sure
of a direct line from Spain to your place in the cooler.
Because of this we guarantee a better price/quality ratio
than any other intermediary.



Select beef – Galicia

Classic | Lux | Origen

Only the best loins and those that we get from reliable abattoirs are selected by our team of scouts to carry the seal of our meats. The countryside, the weather, the Galician mountains and the traditional food taken care of by exceptional people, animal craftsmen, do the rest.


Select beef – European Selection

Classic | Lux | Origen

Only exceptional pieces are marked as CLASSIC, LUX and ORIGEN. Factors such as the breed, age of the animal, fat content and infiltration make CLASSIC, LUX and ORIGEN a meat for the most demanding. Pieces selected one by one in our trusted abattoirs in Germany, Holland and Poland, where they are reserved and we find the best specimens, which are then matured at our facilities for the time necessary to reach optimum quality.